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Named - R.C. McLachlan Rating: 3.75 stars

"God, they're like teenagers, giving handjobs in the dark, in the bed of some religious chick they've never met."

Crack. Absolute, Supernatural crack. The plot was over-the-top and just plain silly. Don't go into this fanfiction expecting anything epic in terms of plot - not to say it was bad, but it was hard for me to take seriously (even by Supernatural standards).

But the characterization for Dean Winchester was absolutely hilarious. This version of Dean is all witty comments and sarcasm and very little of the self-loathing/hating type one may expect from other fanfiction. Asides from the prologue, the whole story is told from Dean's perspective.

There were even some very touching scenes that pushed this from a three star read to something a little more though I wished there was more explicit sexy time. :D

So if you'll looking for a destiel fiction that has a hilarious Dean Winchester and don't mind a wacky plot sprinkled with some touching moments, then give Named a try. It's also well edited with very few proofreading mistakes, which is a plus for fanfiction!

(And Castiel is just adorable in this fanfiction) <3<br/>image