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Guarded - Kim Fielding DNF @ 60%.

I think this is a case of "me, not you." I've been in the worst book funk in a while, and every book I've come across for the past few days have been DNFs for me. The moment when picking up this story felt more like a chore, I knew I had to call it quits.

There were two problems that kept me from enjoying Guarded. First, I could not understand Volos' attraction to the Prince. Physical attraction, sure. But the Prince was every bit of spoiled (and racist) brat I have ever read. I just wasn't convinced by this pairing and rooted for Volos to fall in love with the other male characters that were much more enjoyable to read (though this obviously didn't happen).

The second reason I couldn't get into this was the Prince. Talk about asshole. By the 60% mark, I didn't really care if or how he will "redeem" himself. Because I highly doubt in my mind he would have convinced me.

But asides from that, the story is well written. The world building had just enough detail to create a nice setting for readers to sink his or her teeth into.

Anyways, I'm grateful to the author for taking the time to write this story. I've been a big fan of Kim Fielding since she wrote [b:Stasis|8534064|Stasis|Kim Fielding|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328560055s/8534064.jpg|13401343], and will continue to follow her work. It just so happens that this was a story I didn't enjoy, but can still appreciate the effort it takes to create.