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Manipulation - Eden Winters Being the fourth book in the series, Manipulation is another great addition to Lucky and Bo’s adventure, as partners in love and work. It’s a shame that I can’t say much of anything in terms of the plot without spoiling the whole thing, but I will say this: Manipulation seems to be focusing a lot on Lucky’s past.

Book three, Corruption, was a book that left many questions unanswered. Questions regarding an important figure in Lucky’s pre-Bo past. Manipulation helped to shed light on these questions, while creating new ones of its own. Yet throughout the chaos of all things happening, one thing shines brightly through the nitty and gritty: Lucky&Bo (or Lucky&Bo/Cyrus).

I was worried that after three books, Corruption wouldn’t bring anything new to this beloved couple. Would the author create unnecessary angst and huge communication breakdowns that would force our couple to re-evaluate their relationship? I don’t want a “big misunderstanding” or a “breaking up with you is for the best” kind of situation!


Thank goodness the author sees sense.

While the investigation and such was interesting (and learning more about Lucky’s past), I felt like the meat of the book was the development between Lucky and Bo. And yes, there’s further development here as we see these men take small steps into the future. Together. It’s great, because I can see a many possibilities between these guys, and I am so ready to read about any one of them. These guys stay strong with one another throughout Manipulation, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

It was also nice to see the author create a plotline that focused on the development of a new dosage form of an already existing drug (i.e. hydrocodone), as opposed to the creation of something completely new/fictional. It makes the inner (legal) drug dealer in me happy and the story more “real,” especially with the inclusion of the rescheduling of hydrocodone products on the market. Definitely a thumbs up to Eden Winters for doing research and making her story relevant to current day events.

So pretty much, if you liked the series up to this point, including Bo&Lucky, then Manipulation will not dissapoint. I’m ready for the next book!