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Favorite Son

Favorite Son - Will Freshwater Rating: 2.5 stars, rounded to 3

Overall, Favorite Son is a story about one man's downfall. It begins with John's position on top of the world: the success he's able to dwell on as he moves up in the political world. But slowly, the story reveals events that will cause John to crash and burn in the ruin of tragedies that don't seem to relent.

This takes about 30% of the book to occur.

And then Provincetown happens, and John is now Peter, and Peter is slowly reconstructing himself from the remains of his old life.

Favorite Son is not a typical M/M romance story. It's more of a coming of age story that does involve a romantic relationship. While the plot and writing were enjoyable, my biggest complaint was my inability to sink into John/Peter's mindset. The narrative consistently pushed me out of character, and I just couldn't BE John/Peter. As such, much of the emotional punch missed its mark, and the things he felt or said were unpredictable to me. In a way, everything he did felt out of character since I could NOT get a grasp on him. Furthermore, the slow beginning and pacing throughout the book kept me more on the bored side than intrigue.

In the end, Favorite Son was an "okay" read for me. I began skimming towards the end, and read only the dialogue to get the gist of what was going on.