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Blood & Thunder

Blood & Thunder - Charlie Cochet Rating: 3.5 stars

Not as good as the first book, but entertaining for most of the story. What I enjoyed most about Blood & Thunder was the continued interaction among the characters. What I didn't enjoy was the actual plot into the new Order that was established at the end of the first book. You have the very stereotypical bad guy whose motives didn't make much sense, which the author felt was okay since he was just one of many insane villains. The writing towards the later 15% of the book also felt sloppy in terms of the action, and transition of one event to the next. The direction Dex and Sloane's relationship took was a long and tiring one, filled with angst and eye-rolling communication problems. However, I was satisfied with how it concluded in this book.

So overall, I enjoyed the book for the most part. I just wished there was more interaction between Dex and the rest of the team in Blood & Thunder. Or just more Dex in general. Blood & Thunder definitely made me realize how much I'm reading this for the characters instead of the somewhat cheezy plot.