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Murder on the Mountain

Murder on the Mountain - Jamie Fessenden image

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Updated 8/29/14:
Rating: 2.75 stars

Let's jump past summarizing the blurb in my own words and go straight into my likes and dislikes, shall we?

I'm not the biggest fan of mysteries. However, mysteries provide an interesting way for characters to interact. And when done right, they can add a certain suspense to the story. Murder on the Mountain held absolutely NO suspense. It was literally: someone is murdered and now let's solve the mystery. I never felt like either of the characters' lives were in danger, nor that there was a time limit to solve it as a second murder victim was very unlikely.

I also wasn't very thrilled with Jesse and Kyle. Their romance was too easy, with very little conflict (I could only think of one: their seven year age difference). The characters felt very uninspiring. It was like the only way the author could make the characters feel different was to make Kyle sound like a 45 year old widow (he's really only 30 years old!) and Kyle feel like an over curious high schooler.

The worst part was the resolution of the murder mystery, which I felt wasn't really due to any sleuthing talents by Jesse, nor anything Kyle really did.

At least the writing was good. While Jesse felt underaged at certain points, he at least had an emotional maturity to him that helped make this easy romance even less complicated (if that was even possible). The pacing was well done, and the length was adequate for everything to fall into place. Any longer and I would have gotten very bored.

Basically, if you're looking for a non-suspensful murder mystery with a romance that has very little conflict, then perhaps you'll enjoy Murder on the Mountain.