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The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass

The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass - ireallyhatecornnuts High School stories aren't really my thing. Yet after reading the blurb for this fanfiction, and reading that Dean and Castiel (season 8) wake up as teenagers in 1996, with their memories intact, well...I couldn't stay away. Can you imagine a 17 year old Cas, with all his human-akwardness, and Dean Winchester, a man bigger than life, toting a backpack to school?

Filled with domesticated bliss, friendship, homophobia (after all, the story takes place in 1996 Kansas), and love. So much love, it was heart breaking and endearing. The way Dean tackled his feelings for his angel was very Winchester style and made me smile.

For those who are weary of long fanfiction, let me just say that this story is well edited, with great characterization. Don't expect action and blood (okay, maybe a bit of blood at one scene). After all, most of this story is a high school AU, but with a SUPERNATURAL twist.