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Who Knows the Storm (The Vigilante Book 1)

Who Knows the Storm (The Vigilante Book 1) - Tere Michaels Ravaged by storms and floods, New York City has become a hollow shell of its former life. The city wasn't the only victim. Sixteen year old Nox Boyet also died that day, his life smothering in the flames of anger, love and paranoia. Nox's resolve pushed his body from the remaining ashes, and the Vigilante was born.

Seventeen years later, New York City is divided between the wealthy and poor. Nox is a man of the night, roaming his neighborhood to enforce his jurisdiction in the form of punishment to those who threaten the world he's created for his son, Sam. It's all for Sam, and always for Sam. Until a young man, famous for his looks, comes knocking with a letter addressed for Nox's son.

Who Knows the Storm is a mixture of things. I would tag it as: futurstic, dystopian-ish, mystery, action, thriller and romance. It's a story that progresses forward, with tidbits and glimpses into the past via memories from Nox. I'm normally not a fan of flashbacks, but the author did a good job in making them very brief.

The book felt more action-oriented than detailed oriented. And it worked in a way. Tere Michaels doesn't info dump the details of this dystopian New York City. She gives just enough information to create a solid world in the mind's eyes, and just goes with it. As such, the pacing matched the constant action of the book. There was never a moment of stasis, or of settling as things were always happening (which worked with such short chapters).

The narrative shifted mostly between Nox and Cade. I actually enjoyed both characters, as they bring different cards to the table. Nox was a little too over-the-top alpha male at times, which really showed during the sex scenes. Fortunately, the book wasn't weighed down by the metaphorical cum as the sex scenes were limited since the book was more plot-focused. While the jump from scared teenager to “The Vigilante” may seem a little too Hollywood for some, you can at least appreciate the back story that birthed such a man. I couldn't dislike a character who would go to such lengths to protect his family.

And Cade wasn't some damsel in distress, which really helped. While Tere Michaels could have gone the route of making Cade some spoiled model who needed rescuing from his own stubbornness, she instead made Cade to be a man that demonstrates his worth constantly throughout the book.

Let's not forget the UST. So delicious and paced perfectly. While I wished the book focused a little more on the chemistry between Cade and Nox, I could at least appreciate the realistic outlook each character had in terms of their future.

The weakest part of the book for me was the mystery. I'm horrible when it comes to understanding intricate plots and such. Therefore, it was no wonder I was a bit confused – not enough to be completely lost, but enough to make me wonder if I was reading into certain things correctly. That, combined with the fast pace, threw me off tract when things just suddenly happen. Fortunately, things rounded up towards the end and most of the confusion settled into a moderate curiosity.

Overall, Who Knows the Storm is a great, fast-paced action/thriller with a strong focus on family. Of the sacrifices we make for those we love. Of finding love ourselves. While the mystery and believability of the book may rival that of superhero comics and television shows, it still manages to become an interesting platform for everything else this book has to offer.