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Thursday’s Child

Thursday’s Child - strangenessandcharm Thursday’s Child (TC) is a Supernatural fanfiction that takes place in a dystopian setting revealed in season 5, episode 4 of the television series. Readers should have watched up to this point to understand the events leading up to TC, and to avoid any major spoilers to the show from both this fanfiction and my review!

The world has become a different place, and the Winchesters weren’t able to divert the apocalypse set forth by Lucifer. But this all ends with in the opening page, and a new world is set forth in motion. However, Castiel is now alone in this world and makes the decision to stay with the one person he would give everything to (and has).

Don’t let the blurb fool you with its seemingly carefree tone. TC is a book that deals with the struggles of a drug-addicted character in finding his anchor in a world reminding him of his failures. The struggle of drug addiction, while frustrating to read about, was portrayed well and does not make light of the issue (no waving the magic wand called “love” to make it all better!).

There was a good mixture of angst, action, humor and heart wrenching moments.

But most of all, TC shines in its display of complete, and absolute devotion to the one person we love. And who else can offer that, if not for an ex-Angel of the Lord? Looking for a sweet office romance filled with fluff where the biggest problem in a relationship is saying the four letter word? Then skip this story right the fuck now. Because this is the kind of story that makes you grab at your hair, and pull in frustration. You want to root for Castiel, smack him real hard when he messes up, cringe at the things he does, and cry for his loss and devotion.

But most of all, you just want him to be happy. Happy with Dean Winchester, the righteous man and the only one for Castiel.

My only complaint is that the story felt a bit over-the-top with the events towards the end. But it managed to not cross that fine line of eye rolling (but just barely!).

Overall, an emotionally gripping story about love and devotion with a large heaping of angst and conflict.