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The Last Moonlight Serenade

The Last Moonlight Serenade - gankyourdarlings "Bobby told me once, 'Coincidences are just God's way of staying anonymous.' So is that it? Am I supposed to see some kind of sign here?"

Historical war settings are among my favorite when it comes to romance fiction. There's something about the ambiance of the past - something delicate, like looking at a faded black/white photo, that draws me in. Mixed with the type of pressure brought by war, even the ugliest most unlikely relationship can shine like a diamond among a sea of coals.

It's just before 1945, and Dean Winchester is feeling the wear and tear of World War II. During the New Year, he bumps into a fighter pilot by the name of Castiel Novak. This is just the beginning.

As historical war romances go, I would say The Last Moonlight Serenade would rank somewhere in the middle when it comes to the nitty gritty. It's definitely no [b:Special Forces|6708511|Special Forces (Special Forces, #1-3)|Aleksandr Voinov|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1268577845s/6708511.jpg|6904341], but it isn't a walk in the park either. It does get emotional towards the middle and heavy towards the later third of the story, but the emotional punch never got too extreme (I only had to use a couple Kleenex).

Characterization was done well, though Castiel's personality was different from the naive angel that we all know and love from the television show. Instead, he's the master of euphemisms and the romance languages.

In terms of the writing, it was kind of rough despite having a beta reader. Not the cleanest of reads, but I found myself enjoying my time spent in this war era. I would definitely recommend this story for lovers of historical war romance!